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Image by Yassine Khalfalli


As a technology-focused startup company, 5M Biomed is committed to research innovations and technological development. We believe that it is essential to devote continuous effort in R&D to better serve all private and public consumers, facilitate biomedical research, and stay competitive in the fast-growing and dynamic biotechnology industry.

Below are our current, ongoing, and prospective projects. Interested? Contact us for additional information!

Liquid Biopsy

Our immediate R&D project focuses on in vitro diagnostic platforms for highly sensitive and specific “liquid biopsy”, or serological test platforms, based on magnetic nanomaterials and related biomarker targeting technologies. The potential point-of-care in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products using readily available blood samples will be available for addressing a range of healthcare problems, including early detection and monitoring of Alzheimer’s disease, metastatic cancer, and viral infection as well as  degenerative and metabolic diseases, such as diabetes.

Machine- & deep learning for imaging

We are developing our own machine and deep-learning algorithms and approaches for enhancing image quality and accelerating data acquisition. The aritifical intellgience (AI) assisted image analytics will also enable extracting more and quantitative information from image data to improve medical imaging diagnosis.  

Imaging Contrast Agents

Iron oxide nanoparticles with various sizes and shapes are developed as magnetic resonance imaging and magentic particle imaging contrast agents for diagnostic imaging and therapeutic agents for magnetic-stimulated treatment interventions. 


Multifunctional Imaging Probes

Given the multimodal and hybrid imaging methods will be increasingly used in medical imaging, we are developing the technical platforms for making biomarker-targeted molecular imaging probes capable of optical and magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging as well as acoustic and magnetic resonance imaging.  

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