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Welcome to 5M Biomed, the Startup developing and delivering advanced biomedical technology to enable precision medicine. We believe that our cutting-edge technology in molecular and biomarker specific medical imaging, in vitro diagnostics and drug delivery offers the biomedical communities and healthcare industry with unique problem-solving products and solutions.

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With our innovative and sophisticated technology, we strive to develop products and solutions for the end users of the growing biomedical and healthcare industries. Founded by a group of like-minded scientists specializing in academic research in life sciences and technology development in engineering of biomaterials and medical imaging, our incredible team of qualified individuals are working tirelessly to bring 5M Biomed to the forefront of the industry. We will continue to devote to become the industry standard, providing big picture insights and solutions for the public and companies of all sizes. Get in touch to learn more.


At 5M Biomed, our mission is to translate scientific discoveries and technological innovations into products to improve healthcare and facilitate biomedical research. We believe that our solutions will soon become one of the most innovative, versatile, and 
distinguished segments in the biotechnology industry. 


5M Biomed provides solutions and technologies for in vitro diagnosis, precision and quantitative imaging, and therapeutic agent delivery platforms through novel bio-inspired magnetic nano-materials and molecularly targeted imaging methods. Visit our products and services page to explore more.



Bridging the gap between the demand and supply of magnetic nanomaterials, 5M Biomed provides top quality products to research and industrial sectors. Our research supports the product development with the latest and advanced nanomaterial fabrication. 


At 5M Biomed, we are here to tailor to the needs of our customers. Therefore, we provide customized, made to order products at the request of our customers. Explore our popular selection of custom products or contact us with your request.


5M Biomed offers services in nanomaterial characterization and analysis, in vitro and in vivo assay development, data analysis and much more. Explore our current selection of laboratory services and contact us for any additional information. 

"Big results require big ambitions"


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